Mountain Home Resorts: Promised Land At Bull Shoals Lake

If you want to spend quality time near the Bull Shoals Lake, you need to visit the Promised Land resort, a cozy RV park in the heart of Arkansas where you can find cabins and everything you need for memorable camping. The Promised Land resort is one of the best mountain home resorts out there.

What Is A Recreational Vehicle?

An RV is a type of vehicle that has living quarters with everything required for accommodation. Thousands of RV owners arrive at Bull Shoals lake every year. An RV is a great choice for people who have large families or like to be independent when it comes to vacations. A typical vehicle has beds, tables, a small kitchen, and some other utilities including a microwave and a fridge.

If you are looking for a good camping experience without issues related to weather, a nice RV is the most perfect choice. You can also watch your favorite TV shows and charge your smartphone! It is an important thing since we cannot live without our smartphones.

Living in an RV is not as comfortable as living in a hotel (regardless of what other people may think), but some manufacturers create outstanding RVs with an impressive amount of utilities and furniture. Here is a Palazzo Superior from Marchi Mobile with a master bedroom and a very expensive kitchen.

The Best RV Parks And Resorts

There are several great places just like a Promised Land resort. We offer a wide variety of services including accommodation and free Wi-Fi. Some mountain home resorts have casinos where you can play slots games and blackjack games. Here are several places where you can go if Bull Shoals Lake is not something that you are interested in.

  • Pala Casino resort in California is a great place where you can park your RV and stay for a couple of days. They have a nice casino with roulette games, blackjack games, and other casino games. The resort is one of the finest in the US and has tons of good reviews.
  • Bordertown is a rustic place with a very authentic atmosphere. They also have a casino and host various entertainment events. If you are looking for the best casino, here you can find many slots games and even a roulette game table. However, Bordertown is a good place for those who are searching for a good mix of price and quality.
  • Seven Feathers is a huge complex with a complete golf field and luxurious best casino across the road. It is not as authentic and close to nature as our Promised Land resort, but it certainly offers a memorable experience. Its games are heavily inspired by one of the most famous casino sites that everybody loves, lucky coincidence for you they are giving out free bets now that you can use elevate your betting game to the next level.

When it comes to staying at an RV resort, choosing places where you will have free Wi-Fi, utilities, and all necessary additional services as well as a place to restock cheaply is crucial. At our resort, you will have an opportunity to shop for some first-need goods and receive complimentary services if you require. That way, not only will you be covered with everything needed for everyday life while traveling with your RV, but you will also have the internet to stay connected with the world, read the news, and have constant entertainment. And if you can’t go to one of the casinos we mentioned, you can play your favorite casino games directly from the RV with Wi-Fi. There is one more advantage of playing online; you can get amazing bonuses like this from Nordi Casino, which can give you up to 500€ cash as a deposit match plus 100 free spins.

Living On The Road

There are over 9 million RVs and motorhomes wandering across the US. The industry produces thousands of new mobile homes and RVs every year. Models range from very modest living quarters to luxurious mobile houses with comfy beds and hi-tech kitchens. Your lifestyle is something that you can take with you.

Due to the popularity of this lifestyle, many resorts started adapting their territories to accommodate people who arrive in their mobile homes and often like to live in them while enjoying the amenities available at the resort. It is exactly what we did at our mountain home resorts. While many mountain home resorts focus on building more housing and investing in luxury, we focus on improving our camping facilities and parking lots.

If you want to live on the road, we highly recommend you to read more about this lifestyle. One of the most important takeaways is that your expenses depend mostly on your life choices. You are in full control of your money. It is a big reason why you have to be careful while staying at casino resorts since you can easily go beyond your bankroll if you do not know how to control your spending. So resist the temptation by going for another way, free online gambling. There is an abundance of online casino sites on the internet that offer no deposit bonuses to play free real money games and give you the real Vegas feel. Speaking of which, Vegas Berry casino is one of them, and you can get connected with this casino by visiting All the necessary details you’ll find in there.


Cabin #1 One Bedroom/1 Queen Bed/Deluxe Full Futon

$ 68.00

Cabin #2 One Bedroom/1 Queen Bed/Deluxe Full Futon

$ 68.00

Cabin #3 One Bedroom/1 Queen Bed/Deluxe Full Futon

$ 68.00

Cabin #4 Two Bedroom/1 Queen Bed/1 Full Bed  2 Bunk Beds

$ 114.00