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The seaside resort comes from the latin stare, “standing up” and Balneum, “bath”. The appellation therefore designates a place of stay Located on the coast or having baths and whose main activity is the tourism of “sea baths”. This trend began to develop in the 18th century, but the major seaside resorts were only established in the middle of the 19th century. At first, they were essentially places of care and resorts. The behaviour of users towards seaside resorts continued to evolve with the introduction of paid holidays in 1936. This new use then gives a new vigour to the seaside resorts as they begin to meet a very different social demand, that of mass tourism. Bathing resorts are now the summer destinations of choice, with bathing occupying a very important place. As tourism is very active, it is attracting more and more year-round residents to settle and find jobs. How about you ? Here are 5 tips to live in a seaside resort.
1. Choose between a de facto seaside resort or a resort that is recognized and classified as an “official seaside resort” by the state
There is a distinction between those seaside resorts which are de facto so because of their natural location between the sea and the land and which are now known as such by the general public and those which, having been recognized and classified as an “official seaside resort” by the state, meet strict criteria such as hotel capacity, environmental quality, etc.the latter receive state grants, which has the undeniable advantage of stabilising local budgets and developing city and tourism policy. These stations thus benefit from increased dynamism, which is useful in finding local employment.
2. Find the right seaside resort for you
The French coastline offers a wide choice of seaside resorts. They make you choose because from Bray-Dunes (Belgian border) to Hendaye and from Cerbère to Menton (Italian border), 923 municipalities share the 5,533 km of coastline in Metropolitan France.
You will therefore have to opt for a seaside resort along the channel, The Atlantic or the shores of the Mediterranean. Of course, you can also turn to the overseas which has famous resorts.
3. Working in a seaside resort
If you say you live in a seaside resort, you also mean you work there. The high number of tourists creates jobs in very particular sectors : hotels and restaurants, entertainment, leisure activities and sales in local shops. You can easily find a seasonal job, but you can also find a year-round job. Target the seaside resorts that attract a large number of people at every time of the year. Deauville or Cabourg, for example, welcome tourists all year round : holidaymakers take advantage of the joys of swimming in the summer, but do not hesitate to come between two seasons to recharge their batteries and take long walks by the sea.
4. Investing in a real estate purchase
The real estate activity of the seaside resorts is supported, thanks in particular to a large migration of young pensioners or even by the attraction that they exert on many French and foreigners. The ocean or sea, the mild climate and the proximity of certain borders, make it a dream place to live and to hold a good. Indeed, the investment is judicious because the goods along the coast are very popular and constitute a sure value. In addition, sales are currently peaking in the seaside real estate markets : good deals are in sight on the beaches of Languedoc-Roussillon for example (prices have dropped by 9% in Palavas-les-Flots, by 4.5% in Argelès-sur-Mer, by 3% in Cap d’agde or by 15% in Port-Leucate). In addition, you should be aware that, if necessary, it will be possible to rent your property very easily on a weekly basis (between 2 500 and 3 000 euros in many seaside resorts).
5. Integrating into the life of the resort
The seaside resorts have their own territorial identity and host festivals /events of their own throughout the year (even outside the tourist season). It is therefore important to familiarize yourself with the traditions and customs of the resort, an excellent way to familiarize yourself with the life of the resort and to integrate with those who live there all year round. To do this, do not hesitate to visit the websites of the seaside resorts and consult their page dedicated to ” cultural events “.

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